IT is at the center of today’s businesses — creating an urgent need for the department to continually improve operational performance.

The IT team at Cardinal Health, a Fortune 25 company with 35,000 employees, faces these exact challenges. Led by Ben Sapp, Director of IT Service Management, the team embarked on an initiative to break the tradeoff between efficiency, costs, and service. They sought to provide data-driven insights, deliver recommendations for improved performance, and drive accountability of KPIs.

With these goals in mind, the team began leveraging data to drive their performance objectives. Join this exclusive webinar to hear Ben discuss their journey and share the returns gained from their analytics investment, including:

  • Reducing incident volume by 50% and increasing service catalog adoption
  • Using text analytics to identify key installation, operations, and licensing issues
  • Creating a single source of truth across IT operations, service, and business service management

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