The IT team has become an integral part of the business organization, making alignment imperative between IT projects and business objectives. Project performance - knowing resource needs and whether projects are on time and on budget - is of the utmost importance. Teams want to ensure successful projects and reduce cost and schedule overruns. Failure to do so will lead to challenges like inconsistent resource allocation, low performance improvement for Project Managers, and misalignment of strategic goals.

Project and Portfolio Analytics (PPA) present a way to intelligently manage project resourcing and accelerate innovation within IT. PPA helps IT leaders deliver projects on time and on budget with multiple views of project costs, progress, activities, and resource usage.

Join us to learn how our customers use PPA to gain visibility into their project activities, from the portfolio level down to individual time cards. Learn how to:

  • Reduce the frequency of failed projects
  • Increase resource efficiency planning
  • Align resources with work items to ensure greater focus on important projects
  • Reduce project cost and schedule overruns


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