There’s no doubt that CIOs now occupy one of the most important roles in the C-Suite. According to CIO magazine, 56% of CIOs report into the CEO. A big reason for this is the increasing focus on digital transformation. Not surprisingly, over two-thirds of IT professionals increasingly see themselves as a strategic partner that can have a huge business impact.
In order for IT leaders to realize the full potential of their role as strategic partners, they need a comprehensive System of Intelligence that delivers insights across their entire Plan, Build, and Run activities.
But what exactly is a System of Intelligence for IT? Powered by Machine Learning algorithms, built on modern big-data platforms, and leveraging data from all IT systems, a System of Intelligence delivers insights that IT leaders need to drive innovation and efficiencies across their organization.
Co-authored by
industry analysts Early Adopter, this eBook will teach you:

  • What is and is not a system of Intelligence
  • The benefits and approaches for building one
  • Some of the key areas where such a system of intelligence can help
System of Intelligence eBook

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