The Complete Guide to Service Stability and Operational Transparency

A recent survey of 250+ IT leaders revealed that 60 percent don’t have a single view of IT performance across people, processes, and projects. Another 41 percent admitted to having an incomplete picture of service health.

What does this mean for your IT organization? As the role of IT becomes more intricate, leaders face new challenges governing the many moving parts of their department. IT organizations have become like sailors who need the visibility to navigate their business ship on the right course — and safely past IT obstacles.

Sail into summer with the operational transparency your organization deserves. Our latest eBook, Charting the IT Operations Course with Analytics, will teach your department how to leverage analytics to:

  • Understand the business impact of outages and major incidents
  • Curb risks to applications and service delivery
  • More effectively evaluate resource allocation and better plan for future needs
  • Hold your service providers accountable with comprehensive oversight of performance
IT service productivity eBook

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