How to Bridge the Digital Divide

EMA research (“Digital and IT Transformation: A Global View of Trends and Requirements,” September 2015) provides unique insight into the growing pressures on IT and the kinds of technologies, metrics, and process investments that can help IT to bridge the digital divide. Among the most salient findings from this research was evidence of a growing requirement for improved dialog and communication, both across IT stakeholders and between IT and the business it serves. The research also showed that such dialog could be empowered by the right investments in technologies, increased attention to process, and the right shared metrics for improved communication and team building. A key takeaway from the findings was the need for increased attention to analytics and process (for both IT and the business).
This report will examine these and other insights in context with EMA’s recent research. In this report well be looking more closely at:
• The relationship between IT and digital transformation
• Key technology investments for empowering transformation
• Process requirements for bridging the digital divide
• Operational and financial metrics for measuring transformation
• A recipe for digital and IT transformation success
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