It is no secret that there are many conceptions of IT departments that are hard disparage. For one, IT is often perceived as a cost center in many organizations. However, as businesses are looking to modernize and remain up-to-date with the new digital environment, IT is shifting into a critical role in an organization's transition. The successful implementation of digital initiatives require that IT managers collaborate more closely with other department managers. This is why IT needs to be recognized as the profitable, strategic partner that it truly is.

The transition of IT's perception is critical in an organization's advancement and continual success. Particularly with customers demanding a greater return on their investment, it has become imperative that IT demonstrate tangible value in a way that aligns with business goals. The recognition due for IT departments must be achieved through IT transformation. IT departments require new strategies, methodologies, and tools to ensure they can maintain current with evolving demands and support their organization. 

Join us in our on-demand webinar as Numerify Senior Director of Solution Marketing, Simon King, is joined by Pink Elephant Executive Vice President, George Spalding. This webinar will explore the common challenges and pitfalls of IT leaders that inhibit them from IT performance success. They will also discuss 4 steps leading IT organizations take to transform their departments into strategic partners to the rest of the business.

Learn from examples of successful organizations that have transformed their IT department and proved its business value. See how these customer-focused teams were able to: 

  • Foster collaboration among team members to drive revenue
  • Re-tool processes to increase SLA performance
  • Govern change to prevent outages and issues
  • Engage employees to effectively allocate resources for time and cost efficiency


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