IT at higher educational institutions is an obvious tough feat. With the influx of student each year, IT must provide support for not only past and present students, but also for prospective students to come. Aside from the study body population, IT is also responsible for ensuring the staff and overall institutional systems are fully bolstered throughout the school year. With all this responsibility, how can IT departments at higher educational institutions solidify their position as an endurable support system? 

To ensure IT departments can provide the support demanded within their institutions, it is essential that IT also receives the support it requires. Whether it is visibility across all activities, greater insight or analytics, IT departments must be well-equipped and ready to combat any IT issues that may arrive in order to keep their institution running smoothly.  

The function of IT is growing more critical in an organization, and demands more tools. In order to both support its organization and advance its performance, IT ultimately needs greater actionable insights that drives change.

Hear from University of San Francisco's Director of Client Support Services, Nikki Wright, as she shares her experience in moving her support desk from a purely reactive mode, to a client-focused, proactive environment. Nikki demonstrates how you can leverage IT analytics to its full potential and bring your department to up-to-par. 

Join us in this 30-minute webinar and hear from Nikki as she:  

  • Describes how she brought about a cultural shift by improving staff retention with analytics and process review.
  • Explains how she reduced incident backlog and ensured service groups were more responsive to their backlogs.
  • Highlights major overhauls of often-criticized computer ordering and delivery processes trough staff training, thorough process review, and analytic focus on all stages of fulfillment that allow her to continually monitor progress, communicate status, and adjust temporary staffing levels as needed.


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