An Analytics Awakening for the IT Saas Manager

CIOs acknowledge that talent is the largest barrier to a successful IT department. Gartner’s latest CIO Survey reveals 49% of CIOs recognize a talent shortage, with the information/analytics gap as a top concern. Lead your department to IT greatness with dedicated analytics that boost the performance of your department processes, people, and finances.
Download your copy of The Rise of the Data-Driven IT SaaS Manager, a new eBook developed by Numerify and CITO Research, and uncover how to become your organization’s driving force for data-driven IT.
Inside you’ll find:
  • A six-step plan to help IT managers guide your organization in the right direction during the transition to IT analytics
  • Detailed comparisons of how reporting and analytics differ in their ability to impact key IT processes – and why analytics provide better intelligence than reports
  • How to leverage IT analytics to answer the right questions about your data and your organization

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