To quote a business cliche, change is the new constant. With modern business increasingly relying on technology, changes that used to happen quarterly are now happening weekly. Digital transformation trends require organizations to constantly re-evaluate their product and service offerings, and ensure they are meeting evolving digital demands.

One strong driver of change is rapid innovation which can create competitive and operational advantages, both internally for the company, and externally for their customers. In order for traditional organizations to streamline innovation, they require a new set of strategies that can propel their organization forward into a modern era. To assist with this, a new analytics solution for IT is vital. 

The first step towards initiating change involves re-assessing your organization's current position and considering what insights are lacking and what additional understandings would be helpful in change management. What methods, techniques, and processes can you leverage to increase change velocity and reduce risk? How can your data help you gain insights to improve change performance?

Watch this exclusive webinar to find out more about how analytics can help your team drive change management innovation. The webinar will be covering all the basics of analytics for IT, including that advantages your organization can experience from deeper analytical insights. We will also include a live demonstration of Numerify IT Service Analytics solution to walk you through how to navigate and leverage this tool. 

Topics we will cover in this webinar include:
  • Overview of Business Analytics for IT
  • Solution Overview with a focus on how to increase change velocity and drive change transformation
  • Live demo of our IT Service Analytics solution

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