With 20% of all U.S. retail sales occurring during the holiday season, it’s crucial that retailers’ shopping experiences run smoothly during the next few months. During these periods of peak sales, both parties involved in the retail process, salespeople and customers, will have an expectation of high performance service. Service demand will be at an all-time high in the retail world - not only among in-store salespeople (and virtual service agents), but for the IT teams who support them as well.
IT departments may not be the ones implementing new changes, but they must still remain on high alert to ensure personnel, assets, and systems operate with minimal glitches. As the framework that holds up the retail infrastructure, IT needs total visibility to monitor processes and immediately correct problems. IT departments lacking necessary analytics are dismissing insights that can lead to greater incident recovery times and prevention. Analytics essentially provides IT with the tools to resolve customer issues in a timely manner and keep store operations running effectively. An IT department with access to deeper analytics and insight can ensure much more than just the streamlined success of retailers during the holiday season.
This 45-minute webinar gives you an overview of Numerify's IT Analytics Solution to illustrate how you can gain insights you can't get from the usual IT reporting. Find out how three of the country’s top 20 retailers are leveraging analytics for IT. Learn how their teams use analytics to:

  • Control IT service volume and allocate sufficient resources
  • Minimize downtime and issues relating to in-store equipment and ecommerce sites
  • Streamline field service and support processes
  • Improve IT visibility at the store level


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