How Deep Is Your Insight?

No B-sides here. Haven't yet found your "go-to" for when you're in the mood for IT and analytics? Well, look no more. All of your favorite chart-topping analytics remastered in a compilation album of Numerify's greatest hits! From the classics to hot new releases, experience the magic of IT intelligence at its best:

A Fortune 500 customer seeking greater visibility into service performance and customer-impacting events reduced their incidents by 60% and decreased average problem age from 120 to 35 days.

A financial institution experiencing a costly outage was able to combine change, outage, and financial data to track potential revenue losses for their top 10 business services. 

These customers all achieved greater analytical insights with the help of Numerify analytics. In an age where IT leaders oversee an exceedingly complex array of operations, it is vital that they receive full visibility with a spectrum of analytics. Top organizations are turning to business analytics to drive productivity and innovation.

Check out these and other use cases illustrating how Numerify customers have successfully leveraged analytics to keep up with the tempo of modern IT and delight their audiences of users and business stakeholders. Download your very own copy today!

Track List:

  1. All About That Innnovation
  2. Changes Are A-Coming
  3. Tracing It Back (To The CI)
  4. Heard It Through The Store Pipeline
  5. How Will You Know (If Personnel Allocation is So-So)?
  6. Another Bug Bites The Dust
  7. Takin' Care of Business (Impact)
  8. What's Risk Got To Do With I.T. (Services)?
Analytical Insights: More Than a Feeling

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