Every IT organization accumulates an abundance of data. Overwhelming analysts with a constant flood of numbers is a familiar scene for IT departments. Especially with new digital demands, IT organizations are increasingly gathering more data as companies are undergoing their own digital transformation. 

IT departments scavenge the data they recieve and attempt to gain greater insights into how they can best serve and support their organization and department. As departments are receiving more and more data, IT managers are finding it harder to navigate through the tremendous amount of data and uncover what is valuable. 

The issue with data overload is that many teams are challenged to translate the data they receive into tangible gains that aligns with their business goals. There is great potential that lies within data that has the ability to transform organizations and improve internal and external operations. However, when IT managers are unable to extract the actionable insight needed to create data-driven decisions, the overwhelming amount of data is essentially useless. How can IT get past this complexity and gain valuable insights from all the data they possess?  

The solution to this would be a new set of IT tools and strategies. IT departments must adopt new methods in order to continually improve operations and performance, while assisting their organization in remaining competitive. The right framework of metrics, KPIs, and analyses will enable organizations to unlock insights trapped inside their data. 

Join Pink Elephant's VP of Research & Development, Troy DuMoulin, and Numerify's Director of Product Marketing, Mark Gabbard, for this thought leadership webinar. Learn how to move beyond theory and instead map out process performance to help you extract vital information from your data and achieve meaningful goals.

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