Delivering an exceptional service experience is paramount for every IT organization. Balancing process and stability of key services while ensuring up-time and business focus continues to become more difficult as organizations move through their digital transformation. The metrics your IT business needs to monitor and manage health are continually changing, and therefore can be difficult to uncover.

To drive Operational Excellence in your IT organization, you need a relentless focus on strategy, process, performance, and - most importantly - the end user. Having visibility into the metrics that drive Operational Excellence gives you the flexibility to course-correct when issues arise, gain the most value from your IT services, and foster a data-driven culture.

Watch this webinar where we will showcase how IT Business Analytics has helped drive Operational Excellence for our largest customers. We will also include a live demonstration of Numerify IT Service Analytics solution.

Topics we will cover:
  • Application health scorecards and deep-drive metrics
  • Combined incident, outage, and change trending
  • Financial and revenue impact of downtime
  • Availability and major incident visbility

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