Increasing transparency across teams and service providers is key to delivering a 5-star service experience. The value of increased transparency is that it bridges together teams and service providers on a common understanding of projects and activities, allowing a more streamlined, efficient service delivery process. However, in today's digital world, IT organizations have grown more complex, making visibility hard to achieve.

In today's complex IT organization, service delivery typically encompasses internal and external service providers. The dynamic between internal and external service providers inevitably leads to inefficiencies and frustrations. Many times, an outside service provider handles Level 1 support while specialized internal teams handle Level 2 support. As processes flow between these groups, multiple hand-offs can lead to inconsistency and unhappy, frustrated end users.

The growing complexity of service delivery has decreased visibility across all activities for teams and service providers, when increased visibility is needed more than ever. IT organizations can easily avoid these costly frustrations that inhibit continual service improvement and customer satisfaction. In the current digital environment, teams need a trusted source of IT insights across all service providers to truly understand process bottlenecks, drive service accountability, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement. 

Join us in this webinar as we discuss:
  • How to eliminate self-reporting by service provider of key metrics related to SLAs and MTTR
  • At-a-glance metrics applied across business services and provider services
  • Trends apllicable to both historical and current services
  • Indicators and metrics (turn-around time, first-call resolution, MTTR, SLAs)
  • Ability to measure common services across providers


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