Missing SLAs, long lead times, consistent reassignments, and other process inefficiencies can lead to a plethora of IT hindrances, some of which include compliance issues, higher service costs, and lower innovation. These are just a couple of the numerous problems resulting from process inefficiences that impacts your customers' service experience and leads to a negative view of IT with tumbling CSAT scores. 

These challenges are exacerbated by the lack of IT visibility. Data trapped within silos makes it difficult for organizations to get the actionable insight needed to implement real changes and strategies that can reduce and prevent process inefficiences. How can your IT organization better leverage data locked in multiple, disparate systems like ServiceNow®, to gain insight into incident, problem, task, and change process health?

When the greater damaging consequences of these inefficiences are often preventable, getting full IT visibility for your department would be the first critical step. Join us for our upcoming webinar as we discuss how a trusted source of business insight can give IT full visibility into their critical processes.

This insight can help identify where to take action when things are not going as planned and guide your department in the right direction of achieving its goals. With this visibility, IT can quickly identify areas needing process improvement and deliver the service experiene that customers expect and demand. 

Topics we will cover in this webinar include:

  • Correlate cross-process insights to drive efficiencies
  • Understand incident reassignments as they relate to overall service health
  • Leverage text analytics to uncover hidden issues
  • Validate process improvement initiatives and expected results

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