We are deep into the digital age, and it’s imperative that companies are keen on expediting their digital transformation. Organizations understand the need to keep up with business and customer demands - it’s paramount to accelerate application development and release velocity. However, what organizations are often misunderstanding is the necessity of adopting appropriate strategies to ensure the success of their digital transformation. Successfully satisfying these demands and maintaining relevance in the customer sphere depends on the synchronicity of many interconnected development teams, processes, and applications. This key element is something organizations are often lacking, and therefore hindering their digital transformation. 
Failure to align complex processes and applications can lead to an increase in risk of project delays or failures, misallocated resources and ultimately failed application releases. Software Development Analytics (SDA) presents a way to bring together data from multiple development systems to get end-to-end visibility and insight into SDLC processes. This streamlines SDLC processes by providing various stakeholders access to centralized data while ensuring data-driven decisions. 
Watch this webinar playback to learn how our customers use SDA to gain insight into their SDLC processes. Numerify's Director of IT Business Analytics Services, Joe Foley, will explain how to improve application velocity and quality. Learn more about our application as well as how to:

  • Reduce the frequency and severity of defects in development production cycles
  • Prevent break/fix projects from blocking innovation
  • Align resources with work items to ensure greater focus on important larger projects
  • Increase application stability in production

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