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In 2017, Numerify collaborated with IDG Research to conduct a survey with top IT leaders. Numerify and IDG Research set out to understand the potential benefits of the relationship between IT operations and analytics. The survey aimed to study the role of analytics in enabling successful IT operations and performance. 
Survey participants were from a diverse group of IT leaders, representing enterprise organizations from a variety of industries. IT leaders were asked to share their top goals for improving IT operations over the next year and the role that analytics currently played in their organization. They detailed the benefits they saw and challenges they have encountered throughout their own analytics initiatives. They were then asked to share what they hope to achieve from leveraging greater analytics in meeting their future goals. 
In this digital age, the pressure for organizations to consistently change and remain current with the evolving business environment is as prevalent as ever. As the benefits of new digital technologies are recognized, it is vital that organizations do not lag in their digital transformation. IT is positioned to quickly become a strategic partner of innovation as businesses are increasingly relying on technology to remain competitive. 
Discover how your peers, among leading IT leaders, are starting to prepare for this critical shift. IT requires just as much a support as any other managing leader of an organization in order to assist in the organization's progressment. See how analytics can be the key to ensuring change success and helping you prepare for the leading position. 
For more information check out our latest whitepaper. Download our summary whitepaper and get the full report results for more information on the advantages analytics can bring to your organization. 

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