There's no doubt that CIOs now occupy one of the most important roles in the C-Suite. According to CIO magazine, 56% of CIOs report directly to the CEO. A big reason for this transition is an organization's growing focus on digital transformation and the means needed to drive a successful transformation.  

Not surprisingly, over two-thirds of IT professionals increasingly view themselves as a strategic partner that can have a huge business influence. As the role of the CIO becomes more critical in an organization, CIOs are shifting towards collaboration with the technology executives who are hoping to maintain relevance by investing in more digital initiatives. 

Digital transformation calls for the expertise of IT leaders. It is important that IT departments contain the necessary toolsets for implementing new strategies as they are called into the spotlight of their organization. In order for IT leaders to realize the full potential of their roles as strategic partners, they need a comprehensive System of Intelligence that delivers insight across their Plan, Build, Run activities. 

But what exactly is a System of Intelligence for IT? Powered by Machine Learning algorithms, built on modern big-data platforms, and leveraging data from all IT systems, a System of Intelligence delivers insights that IT leaders need to drive innovation and efficiencies across their entire organization.

Catch up on our latest eBook to learn how a System of Intelligence can fit into your IT department. Co-authored by industry analysts Early Adopter, this eBook contains all you need to know about:
  • What is and is not a System of Intelligence
  • The benefits and approaches for building one
  • Some of the key areas where such a System of Intelligence can help
  • How to leverage the benefits of a System of Intelligence for your organization
System of Intelligence eBook

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