To prepare for digital transformation, organizations need full visibility across the entire IT landscape (projects, people, processes, applications and infrastructure, on-premise and in the cloud). Unfortunately, while 83% of IT Managers consider full visibility across IT to be “critical”, 84% of organizations still rely on spreadsheets. How can you combat this inconsistency and put your goals into real actions?

The answer is intelligence itself that can drive IT transformation! Business intelligence, big data, and analytics are used throughout the modern corporation, with one notable exception - IT management! Often called the “cobbler’s barefoot child,” IT produce large quantities of data. The value of this extensive data, however, is often not exploited to its full potential. Logs, monitoring infrastructure, product backlogs, defects, and ITSM processes such as change and incident management all present opportunities for directed insight and action. The potential is strongest when all this data can be simultaneously analyzed to detect unexpected relationships that could signal serious potential risk or opportunity for value. 
Join Charles Betz (Lead DevOps Analyst at Forrester), and Sunil Dixit (VP of Marketing at Numerify) as they discuss best practices and solutions in this area. Learn how you can answer questions such as:

  • Can I analyze asset performance, tie it to the risk of application failure, and in turn, quantify a failure’s impact on the business?
  • Can I accurately predict my resource needs and balance them effectively across transformation and ongoing operational activities? 
  • Can I drive innovations that are key to digital transformation without driving up unnecessary costs?
  • Can I properly manage IT services and vendors while minimizing outages?
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