IT's role in the enterprise is only growing — as well as its budget and the pressure to deliver new and innovative services. Along with this trend, the supply base is growing at least as quickly as IT, both in terms of number of Service Providers as well as the scope of their responsibilities.

However, the complexity of managing service providers goes up exponentially with the number of vendors. With service delivery fragmented across multiple systems, processes, geographies and providers, silos of teams and data can lead to a lack of visibility, process inefficiencies, and knowledge gaps.

How can analytics drive better outcomes for both your organization and your service providers? In this on demand webinar, Numerify's Senior Director of Customer Success, Erik George, speaks about the experiences of companies like yours. Topics that will be covered include: 

  • How to overcome common challenges with IT Service Providers
  • How transparency can create a stronger and more productive relationship
  • Where you stand in the Service Provider analytics maturity curve
  • Establishing metrics & controls around the relationships using a simple to sophisticated approach
  • Case studies in service provider analytics


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