How happy are you with the value your CMDB is adding to your organization?

According to Gartner research, as more business processes are automated, data quality will become the limiting factor for overall process quality. This is especially true for key IT processes like Change Management and initiatives like DevOps transformation and Application Health.

For example, Change success requires rigorous operational impact analyses - current and complete CMDB data can really improve this. Similarly, enterprises launching application health, modernization and DevOps adoption initiatives also trigger parallel projects to upgrade CMDB quality. The reality is that IT will incur higher support and change impact costs when relying on incomplete and incorrect CMDB info in large, complex and modern IT environments.

With the footprint of your IT infrastructure and applications growing in complexity every day, how do you keep your CMDB relevant? In this on-demand webinar, Numerify’s Srikanth Gopalaswami, Senior Product Manager, and Erik George, Senior Director of Customer Success, share how to gain visibility and actionable insights into CMDB health. Topics that will be covered include:
  • The role of the CMDB in a world of DevOps, hybrid cloud, and containers
  • How to evolve the quality of CMDB data over time and gain value from it throughout the journey
  • Ensure success of application operational health and modernization initiatives with targeted and parallel CMDB improvement projects
  • Common challenges in CMDB currency, completeness, and compliance with process and policy
  • Numerify customer case studies on using analytics to evolve the CMDB and track improvement progress over time

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