Can you afford to wait for your data to be pristine before you start getting value out of it?

There is a treasure trove of insights in your Incident, Problem, Request, Change, and CMDB data. Yet, one of the most common complaints we hear is, “I wish we were a data-driven IT Service organization, but our data just not ready! Too many gaps, not in right format, missing context … if we started cleaning up our data today, maybe we’ll be ready for analytics next year.”

How can you get started on your IT Business Analytics journey today while evolving your data quality over time? In this on-demand webinar, Bret Bailine, Solutions Consultant at Numerify, discusses the following topics:
  • How to prepare your data taxonomy using techniques like text analytics
  • How to identify gaps in data and possible actions to remediate these gaps
  • Closing data gaps by enriching it with key context from other systems
  • Best practices for evolving the quality of data over time while getting value from it every step of the way

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