The Manager for Process Management at Cardinal Health, Janet Hyland, shares how IT Business Analytics helps her organization with ITSM process governance and driving ITIL best practices across the IT organization. Their IT organization discovered how much more effective they were in meeting their organizational goals and improving their services with Numerify. 

A critical part of the IT organization is supporting various departments in their processes across Cardinal Health, such as incident and problem change management, service requests, and knowledge and demand management processes. The organization's key objective is to ensure compliance with their processes and continue to drive improvement across all services for the rest of the organization. 

One of the greatest challenges to her team's objective is their ability to influence the culture across IT as they identify process improvements that may impact the way their IT organization does their work. They wanted to ensure that the work they were doing was benefitting the rest of the organization, and driving improvement in other departments by easing their service experience. The IT department was able to do just so with the help of Numerify analytics. 

Numerify analytics helped Cardinal Health's IT organization streamline the way they set and achieve organizational objectives. Numerify helped Cardinal Health create dashboards that showcased an accurate glance of their overall IT performance in achieving their organizational objectives. With a dashboard in place for each of their key process areas, their IT organization has seen large impacts and are able to continue in their mission of providing analytics as a service to their organization. 

Watch the video below for more information and detail on how Cardinal Health drove process improvement with Numerify analytics and facilitated organization-wide progress. 


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