Summary Results | July 2017

In this research report, Numerify and Gatepoint Research recently set out to understand various industry experts in their thoughts, beliefs, and own practices within the IT department. The purpose of the research survey is to understand common IT strategies, challenges, and practices that either progress or inhibit IT performance improvement. 

Between February and May of 2017, Gatepoint Research invited selected executives to participate in a survey themed "Intelligent IT Performance Improvement Strategies." Selected executives represented a wide range of industries from a variety of companies ranging from small to large. The advantages and disadvantages of common IT methodologies and the impact of these strategies on their organizations innovation was uncovered. 

These survey participants provided insights into the key challenges they faced in the IT department and enterprise organization. The industries covered provided extensive data on how IT performance is monitored and organized in different areas of the business. Business executives also shared the impact of the challenges they faced within their organization and the methods they used for overcoming them.

Watch our webinar on IT performance improvement strategies by VP of Marketing at Numerify, Sunil Dixit, as he is joined by President and CEO of Gatepoint Research, Douglas Barth. The webinar will cover more detail about the research survey along with valuable findings and discoveries. For more detail on the information covered in the webinar and survey, download the full summary results of the research report. 

After watching our webinar, download the full report today to see how you can transform your IT department into an intelligent, proactive one that continually drives performance improvement not only in your department, but also in your organization!
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