Just one of our multiple customer success stories, Netflix demonstrates how Numerify analytics helped their IT department resolve some of their larger issues. Enterprise Platform Manager, Ashi Sheth, shares how greater analytics redefined their IT department and allowed them to better align themselves with their goals. 

One of their biggest challenges within the IT organization at Netflix was measuring how successful they were in their operations and services. The IT department strives to deliver efficient services for the rest of the company, ensuring other departments do not have to worry about complex, hard to use services. What hindered the IT department from achieving their goal was their lack of in-depth, comprehensive insight.

While they found ServiceNow reports helpful in providing a broad overview, they also found it difficult to drill into details without spending hours using various spreadsheets. In order to efficiently allocate time and costs, leaders and executives looked towards gaining the actionable insights they needed for scalability. IT analytics offered their department the ability to fully understand what was triggering service alerts and which services are of the highest value. 

Within weeks, Netflix was up and running on greater analytics, and IT leaders were able to view dashboards on the fly with the information they valued and needed the most. They were also able to receive greater, detailed insights that helped them free up both their own department and the rest of the company. 

Netflix relies on IT business analytics to help make better decisions as a company. Watch the video below for more information on how the benefits of IT analytics helped guide the Netflix IT department towards IT advancement. 

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