IT departments and CIOs all recognize that its time their department is well integrated and aligned with the rest of their business. Especially in this digital era, IT departments have an increased role in the business, helping other departments along with the entire organization, adopt new digital technologies and strategies. The IT department's strategies, organizational capabilities, and resources are no longer independent; they need to support the entire organization.

Despite the increased role of IT over the years, many organizations still struggle to justify the cost of a new investment. To address this, IT needs to align itself with business goals and outcomes in order to provide data that can demonstrate the value of their request.

What hinders many IT executives from fully aligning their department with the business is their interpretation of different focus areas - strategies, organizational capabilities, resources, and management systems. Rather than spending time on understanding how each aspect operates on its own, it is time to evaluate how all of these areas fit together. 

IT needs a system that can help them showcase their importance in their organization. Numerify brings data from across multiple business systems, such as financials and HR systems, to illustrate the importance of IT within organizations. With Numerify, IT can better communicate department needs through data in a format business users can understand. CIOs now have the opportunity to influence their organization's goals rather than remaining on the side lines. IT leaders need to establish that they understand their company's business strategies and can implement initiatives that fulfill the goals of the company. 

Watch our demo to learn more on how Numerify analytics can help your IT department better align with the rest of the business. See how your department can showcase the value of IT investment and deliver performance that is integral to helping your organization remain competitive. 


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