In this new digital age, the need for greater IT visibility and analytical insights is more prevalent than ever. To prepare for digital transformation, IT leaders must be ready to illuminate a clear path forward within their department. They need the latest tools and strategies to bring their department up to par. 

With increased visibility across the entire IT landscape, IT teams are better able to make the most impactful resource allocations, innovate faster, and deliver superior service to their internal and external customers. This is why it is necessary for IT departments to begin learning how to incorporate a System of Intelligence into their organization. 

Powered by Machine Learning algorithms and constructed on modern big-data platforms, a System of Intelligence leverages data from all IT systems, doing much more than enabling digital transformation — it dramatically improves your business performance as a whole. A smarter, more efficient way that drives organizations towards IT innovation lies within the adoption of a System of Intelligence. 

One major US bank used a System of Intelligence and saw 80% of all resources were allocated to "nice to have" projects. The misallocation of resources on different IT projects was just one mistake uncovered with a System of Intelligence. This was the first of many findings that drove reprioritization efforts and application rationalization efforts based on precise metrics and business value of each application.
Co-authored by industry analysts Early Adopter, this e-Book shares:
  • What is a System of Intelligence for IT
  • Hazards of not adopting a System of Intelligence
  • Benefits and approaches for building one yourself
  • 8 key use case areas
  • Case studies from a leading pharmaceutical provider and major U.S. bank
Why IT Needs a System of Intelligence

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