Many companies, both small and large, have faced an IT outage at some point in their existence. Though outages are common, they are something no organization should get used to. Service outages can cripple an organization, leading to a loss of productivity, unhappy users and a significant impact on revenue. While no system or IT department is completely perfect, and it is impossible to ensure that all service outages will never occur again, it is still possible for organizations to reduce and prevent these outages from creating further damage when they do occur. 

Service outages can occur for a number of reasons. Yet, pinpointing the source of disruptions can be problematic and difficult. With access to so much data, it is hard for IT departments to be able to foresee and predict issues 100% of the time. The same root causes can even arise time after time. How can IT managers discover the root cause of their service outages in an efficiently in order to diffuse the problem at hand and focus on supporting other parts of their department and organization?

IT analytics make it easier to discover the root cause of outages to restore service quickly, while also decreasing the risk of future incidents. Through careful analyses of interdependent systems and processes, organizations can reduce the number of outages, limiting service downtime. IT departments will also be able to identify problem spots quicker, reducing the likelihood of more service outages occurring in the near future. 

Service outages may be an inevitable issue in many IT departments, but the probability of them occurring and recurring can be changed. but the Watch our demo on how to leverage Numerify's IT Business Analytics to prevent and predict IT outages. In our demo we will be going over how Numerify analytics can help you identify problem areas in your IT department and continue on the correct plan of action to diffuse those problems in your department. 

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